We will remain confident in the Lord's direction for our lives....

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


or something like that. (Jaydon's version of anything with a motor). I have had two very nice posts ready to go and my silly computer has eaten both, so this is effort #3. I just wanted to tell you about our great weekend. We were blessed to have a three day weekend, and my parents came down for a visit. The weather wasn't just great on Saturday so we just hung out and enjoyed everyone's company. Mom got some good Grammy time in with the boys. Dad watched the Barrett-Jackson (he can't help it, it is in his genes). He also shared some snacks and played some sort of "pounce the granddad game" with Jaydon. Garth did some maintenance on the motorcyles and I just enjoyed having a few extra hands around the house. Thank you Grammy!!

Sunday we went out with three other families from the base who have dirt bikes and had a great day. Dylan of course had a blast. He loves to ride. Garth gave Jaydon a ride and he loves it too. I think we have another dirt bike rider in the waiting. Dad even got back on one after many years and you could see the pleasure in his face to know he still had it. I got in on the action by riding a friend's 70 and putting around for awhile. Grammy did what she does best - behind the cameras catching all the action. We ended the day with a yummy meal at La Playa.

Monday was time to say Bye. That is never fun, but it allows us to look forward to next time. It is so great to have family visit when they can. It was great having you Mom and Dad. We love you.

This morning we were back to the grind. Dylan off to school and Garth off to work leaving Jaydon and I here to make up for the weekend. Dylan is already looking forward to the next one hoping some motorcycle riding is in the plans.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend too.

Many blessing!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy 2008!!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year. We had a great holiday season. We were able to see my half of the family and visit with some friends. We all managed to stay well until after Christmas. Dylan got a stomach bug and Jaydon is now fighting chest congestion and ear infections. (Hope he doens't have to live on bubble gum medicine like me.)

Anyways now we trying to get things back in order here and focus on the upcoming year. We have some big changes in the year ahead. Dylan started his last half of kinder today. The first half was a blur and I'm sure this half will be no different. He starts gymnastics tonight. That should be fun. He still loves riding his motorcycle and gets better all the time.

Jaydon is growing so fast. He is slimming down a bit (28 1/2 lbs.) but still has those "Lloyd" legs. He likes being with the guys and playing outside and his vocabulary is increasing by the week now. I can't believe '08 will bring me a 7 year old and a 2 year old. It just doesn't seem possible.

Garth is just steadily working. He received his orders and we are headed out to California in June. (He will have more on that later.) So, he is consumed with figuring out housing and the logistics of all that right now. When he is not working he is riding or skateboarding with Dylan or just enjoying time with his family. Not much new with me. I am just enjoying this ride they call LIFE. I just stay busy with the boys, all three. It is a good thing I am a tom-boy at heart. My health appears to be managed pretty well right now.

Well that is a quick look into our lives. We will bring more details about the move as we have them. Please keep us in your prayers as the days roll by, I know we will need them. We know that God has good things for us and we will continue to look to Him to lead and guide us in His ways (whever that may take us). We wish you a very blessed 2008. Please stay in touch.

Many blessings!