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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pictures of Dylan

Personal Best

I just finished folding some laundry - not put up, just folded.  (Yep, Dad, on the kitchen table again, but this is a new load.)  I would rather take the time to brag about Dylan instead of marching upstairs to put away laundry.  Priorities, people, priorities.  :)

We had a proud moment as parents yesterday.  Dylan received an award at the school's 2nd trimester awards ceremony.  He was presented the "Personal Best" award and a gift certificate to eat at Claim Jumper.  The following is the little blip that was said about him for receiving the award:

Dylan is very deserving of Room 17's Personal Best award.  His outstanding effort in all academic areas is an example to his classmates.  He approaches every challenge with a smile and a can-do attitude.  Dylan takes his time on each assignment and, as a result, consistently produces beautiful work.  We have enjoyed watching Dylan blossom in first grade.  Congratulations, Dylan!

I spoke to Dylan's teacher after school and she said he wrote, "Today is the best day of my life" in his journal.  I think he was pretty excited.  He is looking forward to Garth's return so we can go eat at Claim Jumper.

We are so proud of Dylan's accomplishment.  He has come a long way from the first day of school.  We are so glad that he is respectful and hard working at school.  (We don't always get that from him here at home, but I think that is kind of normal.)  It is so much fun watching him learn and grow in so many different areas.  Keep up the great work Dylan.  We are so proud to call you our son.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Morning Conversation

This is a side note - Dylan can tie his shoes!!!  This is a huge milestone.  He is so proud he can do it by himself and no longer needs to be helped.  Way to go Dylan.

This morning as we are trying to get ready for school Dylan struck up one of those conversations that leaves you stuttering at a parent.  He had many questions about God and heaven.  I was so happy he was so inquisitive about it all, but there are just some questions that are tough to answer in a 7 year old's language.

D:  If my body goes in the ground when I die, how will I go see Jesus?
M:  Your body and bones stay in the ground, but your spirit goes to be with Jesus.  
D:  Huh?
M:  You are made up of more than just bones and skin, you have a spirit too.  Kinda like a ghost, but not a ghost.  (Jesus help me.)
D:  Will I have skin in heaven?  What about hair?
M:  We will be perfect.
D:  Will God have lots of balls in heaven?  I want to run and play football all the time.  Do you think God will play football with me?
M:  I'm sure God would love to play football with you.  You will be the best football player in all of heaven I am sure.
D:  I wish we could have running shoes, but I think we will have to wear sandals.
M:  Who knows?
D:  The devil is bad and he has bad angels.  Why is he bad?
M:   (The explanation of the fall of Satan as simplistic as possible.)
D:  So the devil won't be in heaven?
M:  No, he won't.
D:  I think I will just kill the devil.
M:  We can't kill the devil.  Only God can defeat the devil.
D:  God is the toughest of all.  Why doesn't God go ahead and kill him already???
M:  Good question.  God has a perfect plan and will take care of the devil when the time is right.
D:  I'm glad I will get to see my friends and teachers and family in heaven.
M:  If they love Jesus and ask Him into their heart then you will.  That is why we pray for those who don't know God.  So they can.
D:  There won't be any bad guys in heaven.
M:  No, no bad guys.

Jesus, please continue to teach me so that I can teach my children.  And help us all to remember that there is FREEDOM in YOU.  Amen.

Things I'll MIss????

I stepped into the shower the other night only to realize I had been joined by the Hulk and a G.I. Joe guy.  Dylan had played with them while in the shower and failed to get them out when he was done.  Go figure!!!  So, this got me thinking about things the boys do now that I wish they wouldn't, but as they grow older I will probably miss it or be able to laugh about it.  The following is my list in no particular order:

1.  Taking a shower with multiple action heros.  (I should feel honored to be graced with their presence, I know.)

2.  Running a quick errand, but having to get out two children, a cup of milk, a large filthy blanket, and a bucket of many, many Star Wars guys.  (How do I do that with one good arm?)

3.  Our living room looking like a Toys r Us continually.  (Come on over - we'll sell you something.)

4.  Children knocking on our door many times through the day.  (My boys are stars in their own little world.)

5.  A seven year old sleeping in our room.  (One of those things you say will never happen, and it has now for many years.)

6.  Playing at the park and taking off shoes on freshly vacuumed carpet only to discover there is enough sand for a sand box in the back yard.  (Often times there is just as much in the diaper.)

7.  My little helpers in the kitchen.  (Patience, patience, patience.)

8.  Finding all my clothes on the floor in my closet because the closet is a great place to hide in an exciting hide and seek game.  

9.  Hearing the word MOM, Mommy, mamma, or any other variation of the word about a bazillion times a day.

Thank you God that you blessed me with such wonderful little creations so I am able to experience only those things people called moms are able to experience.  (I figured I had better give some thanks to help outweigh all the complaining I do about them.)  :)  Hey, gotta be real here.