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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mission Accomplished

We went camping this weekend!!

I know it is hard to believe, so I will give you a few moments to digest that little bit of information.

Times up!!!  

Saturday we traveled about 45 minutes to La Jolla Indian Campground.  It was so neat to drive such a short distance, but feel like we were in a different part of the country.  We went with a couple who live on our street - Eryn and Josh.  We arrived around 11:30 am and got everything set up.  Our campsite was right on the river.  Everything looked so cute set up in the trees with the river flowing behind it.  The boys loved playing in the water, and it was refreshing to listen to it go by.  After a bite of lunch, we rented a couple of tubes and Dylan had a blast tubing 
down the river.  Jaydon enjoyed throwing rocks and sticks in the "wa-wa".  For the rest of the afternoon we sat around and talked and Dylan rode his bike and played with Eryn.  Thankfully Jaydon got in a nap.  As evening approached we lit up Josh's  gas grill and our camp stove and had steak and mac-n-cheese for dinner.  It was very tasty, except these little bugs were attracted to our light and they kept falling in our food.  So, we just ate very quickly and I'm sure got a little extra protein.  As it began to get dark, we realized the showers just up from us had no lights, so we decided we could rough it for one night and passed on showers.  We were all filthy, especially the boys.  Dirty faces and dirty feet.  (They got a quick baby wipe bath.)

Finally, the part of the trip everyone was looking forward too.  The campfire.  We broke out the glow sticks.  Glow sticks are a favorite of Dylan's.  They work out great though because we can totally see where he is in the dark when he is playing with them.  We roasted a few marshmallows and had some s'mores, of course.  Dylan and Jaydon began fading, so we put out the fire and got everyone tucked in for a good nights sleep.

WRONG!!  Dylan and Jaydon were out all night, which was great.  They were snug in our cold weather sleeping bags.  We thought the sound of the flowing river would be good white noise, but it turned out to be a bit too loud.  I had to get up twice to pee.  (Its the pits being a woman sometimes.)  The worst part though was that I could not get warm.  I had on long sleeves and flannel pants with a sheet and a blanket, but I was freezing.  My feet were freezing and I could not get warm.  Finally I decided I would put Garth's lounge pants on too.  That didn't help much.  Then I thought I would try to steal Garth's body heat by snuggling, but that didn't help much either and for some reason he wasn't too excited about my freezing feet on his warm body. :)  

Finally morning arrived (about 7:00 am).  Garth cooked us up some bacon and I fixed some eggs.  That was the end of the trip.  We got everything broke down and packed up and made the short drive home.

After unloading everything, starting laundry (had to wash the blankie, for sure), and washing so
me dishes - everyone headed for the showers!!!  AAAHHHHH!!!  Nice hot showers.  Clean bodies, hair, and teeth.  This is the life!!!

Camping was a blast, even with the filth and sleeplessness.  We hope to go again soon, maybe even for two nights!!  Enjoy the pictures.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


It has been a while since I last blogged, so I thought I should get something down before I get harassed.  

Not too much exciting new to report with the Aldrich family.  All the boys have been dealing with croup.  Dylan got it last week and then Jaydon and Garth both had it over the weekend.  We were hoping to go on our first camping trip, but obviously that was postponed due to sick boys.  Hopefully, we can go this weekend.  It should be interesting since the most camping I have done is in an RV. And I consider roughing it if my dad doesn't turn the heater on in the RV.  I'm sure I can brave the elements for a couple of days.  Besides Dylan is so excited about the thought of camping.  I will definitely post pictures and details later if we get the chance to go.

Garth is well.  His only complaint really right now is his commute to and from work.  He has to get up at least by 5 am every morning and then it takes him about an hour to get home in the evening.  He doesn't like it, but we appreciate him making the sacrifice so we can live here in Temecula and allow Dylan to go to one of the best schools.  Thanks, honey.

Dylan is still adjusting to school.  This week he is Student of the Week.  He gets to be line leader, take up attendance, etc.  Mon. and Tues. were no cry days, but today I left him with a few tears.  I was hoping things were better.  He has made a new friend named Louie.  That has to help things a bit.   He still loves riding his bike, skateboard, and scooter.  He has found a new love for drawing and coloring.  It is really neat to watch it develop.  It has been too hot to ride MX, but hopefully we will return to that soon.  We love watching him ride.  

Jaydon is two now.  I took him for his 2 year check up and he was 31 lbs. and 35 1/2 in.  He is still a big boy - in the 80%.  He enjoys playing with his toys and going to the park.  He really likes to read books.  He will bring me a book and say "Iwanttoread".  He will run in the other room and sit down and we enjoy some book time.  He is also becoming a parrot.  He repeats alot that is said.  For instance, this morning he was watching Dora the Explorer and at the end they sing "We did it."  He chimed right in singing and dancing.  He also loves watching Sesame Street.  We love Elmo.  It is so fun watching him grow and develop.  It needs to be though, because it has to make up for the times he can be just a nasty 2 year old.  :)

Well that is all I have to report for now.  The weather is beginning to cool off now.  You almost need a jacket most evenings, but the days are still nice, sunny, and warm.   On that note, I do want to mention my pals in Corpus.  IKE is headed their way and they are getting ready to evacuate at I type.  We are praying for them and their safety.  You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

Till next time.....