We will remain confident in the Lord's direction for our lives....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Three Months

Three months ago today the Aldrich family began a new adventure.

The majority of our possessions went to live in a storage unit.  Garth packed up a few of his things and headed to "the sandbox".  The boys and I gathered what was left and transitioned to Texas.

I thought that by now I would have some grand words of wisdom to share, but I have none.


We miss Garth.  The boys miss their daddy, and I miss my husband and dear friend.

The wound is not nearly as fresh and raw, but the pain of him being gone seems to grow as time goes on.  We will continue counting down the days, thankful to be another day closer to being a family again.  To those who have prayed for us, we sincerely thank you.