We will remain confident in the Lord's direction for our lives....

Thursday, August 28, 2008

I was on my walk to pick up Dylan from school and for some odd reason I began thinking about the pine cones I was passing.  You see part of the landscaping around where we live is lined with some sort of pine tree.  I've seen lots of pine cones in my life time, but today I became curious of how a pine cone was formed.  I pondered on that for a few moments and then my thought process moved me to another thought.  I began looking at the tall, green trees and brightly colored flowers.  This took me to how trees, plants, flowers, etc. get their start.

As seeds.  They all start out as tiny, ugly seeds.  But with time, sunshine, water, and proper care they grow into creations for us to enjoy.  (I know you know where this is going, but let me speak my peace so I can retire to the bed.)  As for us (humans), we don't normally think of growing leading to beauty, we just think of wrinkles, more love handles, and less hair.    However, in our spiritual walk, we could say that we start out as seeds.  We recognize we need Christ as our Saviour and become that seed ready to be nurtured and grow.  Most things in nature become more attractive as they grow.  I think this is how God looks at us.  He loves us and enjoys us, however, I believe He does more so when we grow and mature in Him.  We become a beautiful, landscaped walkway with colorful aromatic flowers for Him to walk along and enjoy for His pleasure.    In the Bible He calls us His bride for goodness sakes.  There is not a more beautiful picture than a bride on her wedding day.  So without getting too deep, I'll leave it at that.  I believe I have been called to grow.  He has called all His children to grow in Him.  So, I will resign to allow my Gardener to pick and snip (with as much joy as I can possibly muster up) and I will GROW along the way.  I can't wait for Jesus to walk along and take a sniff and pick me from His garden because I bring Him pure pleasure.  I hope you will prayerfully do the same and He can arrange us in a beautiful boquet for His enjoyment.  

By the way, I also found out how pine cones grow.  If you don't know, give it a read.  Just another indication of just how great God is!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rambling thoughts

Jaydon is having lunch.  A hotdog and some fruit (today is pineapple) constitute a yummy lunch for him lots of days.  Don't judge me too harshly.  He's enjoying it.  Besides why cook up a bunch of stuff when its just me and him at lunchtime?  Enough about that.

Today I actually got to drop Dylan off at school with NO tears.  Yep, none.  Yesterday was really tough.  He got himself so worked up that the school nurse called and said she had him in her office.  Are you kidding me???  Needless to say that is where he stayed until he calmed down and back to class he went.  His teacher Mrs. Moore had lunch with him (even shared her Reese's PB cup) and played on the playground with him.  She has to be a buddy for life now.  She sacrificed a Reese's.   So I'm sure those events of yesterday and lots of prayer from me and those who have known about the situation led to a calm morning.  Hopefully the rest of the day followed suit and he can have a great 2nd week of 1st grade.

We walk to school every morning.  I really enjoy it.  When Dylan isn't crying it gives us a chance to talk a bit before he gets to school.  After school we are able to recap the day before homework or TV or whatever he gets into when he gets home.  The weather is also great. It cools off at night, so the mornings are so pleasant.  Everything is green and landscaped beautifully and every direction you look, you can see mountains.  (Not Rocky Mountains, but plenty mountains for a TX girl).  Anyways, in the morning after I drop Dylan off I have been trying to find me a route to walk to get a bit of exercise before returning home.  (Garth bought me the coolest stroller.  Anyone with little ones needs it.)  So yesterday, I tried a new route but decided it wasn't long enough.  Today I got ambitious and went a different way.  It kicked my rear and I wasn't even running.  It is very hilly here so about the time you get confident a hill rears its ugly head.  Nevertheless, I think I will attempt it again tomorrow.  

We have found a great church - Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship.  It is set in the wine country of Temecula.  The backdrop of the stage is windows so often I find myself watching the butterflies or humming birds fly among the foliage.  The pastor is a wonderful teacher.  He teaches verse by verse.  I thought I wouldn't like it or get much out of it at first, but I have to say I was wrong.  I am learning so much and really enjoy grasping a better understanding if God's Word, the Bible. Besides really why would it be boring, it is the LIVING Word of God.  I am really praying that I will grow in the Lord during this time in Cali.  It has really been on my heart the last little while to learn to die to me and be open to Him.  Yuck!!  But, I do want that to be my heart's DESIRE.  So, I will continue to pray about that subject and watch the Lord work.  Got off on a tangent - sorry.   The Women's Bible study starts back up in October and I am looking forward to attending it.  Hopefully that will be a way to get better plugged in and meet people.

My sister called me last night to let me know they had booked flights to come visit us.  They are coming the end of September.  I am so excited.  It is also humbling to know they are willing to spend the money and take the time to come and see us.  I know the boys will really enjoy the visit.  They love their Blake and Nissy 0r as Jaydon calls them Gay or Gake and Issy.  How could they not -- they are great and we love them dearly.  

Well that's all the rambling I have for now.  It is a great outlet to speak my mind when I don't have anyone here to speak it to or want to bore Garth with my nonsense ramblings. 

Thanks for listening.  We love and miss you all.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

First tooth

Dylan experienced a major milestone in his life today.  He lost his first tooth.  He realized he had a loose tooth about three weeks ago, and he has been so excited about the thought of finally losing it.  After much wiggling and agonizing over whether it would hurt or not, he let Garth pull it today after church.  How fitting to lose your first tooth at church.  He was so proud and went around showing anyone who was brave enough to look at a hole in his mouth.  He now h
as a gigantic tooth coming up in its place and it is nudging out another tooth.  I'm sure he will have another fall out soon.

Our cute little boy is now entering that "not so cute" stage of life.  I can say that because I'm his mom.  He has HUGE teeth trying to come up in a little mouth.  The orthodontics industry will love us I know.   Oh, well.  It happens to the best of us.  Garth and I both had braces, so it is not surprising that Dylan will have to have them too.

I'm also including a few pictures of our house.  A few of you have requested that we share.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Two BIG Events....

Jaydon is now TWO!!  We can't believe how quickly these two years have gone.  He is definitely a one-of-a-kind.  He is running around and talking.  He tries to do everything Dylan does.  He speaks with one volume level and it is loud.  He loves motorcycles.  Actually he likes to play with anything that has wheels.  Rarely is he without a toy in each hand.  Like his big brother he has a special blanket he can't do without.  His favorite word is "NO".  He doesn't like it when people get in his space.  He likes life to happen on his terms.  He can throw a serious tantrum.  He has the bluest eyes and the cutest chubby cheeks.  Most importantly God gave Jaydon to us, and we feel so blessed to be his parents.  We have so enjoyed watching him grow these first two years and look forward to watching many, many more.  You are SO loved, Jaydon.  

Now to Dylan.  Today is his first day of First Grade.  Craziness!!!  We can't believe we have a 2 year old and a 1st grader.  Last 
night he was so excited.   He could hardly sit still and Garth and I chuckled when we overheard him say - "I love school."  We'll see how he feels as the years click by.  He got ready this morning and the nerves were showing.  I can't blame him.  I was a bit n
ervous myself.  A brand new school, kids, teachers.  Everything different from what we know.  We loaded Jaydon in the stroller and he got on his scooter and off to school we went.  There were people everywhere.  We found his class and met his teachers.  He 
introduced himself and sat at his seat and began coloring.  He was really pretty cool.  I stayed for a bit and forced myself to leave him in strangers hands for the day.  Jaydon wasn't too excited to leave him.  As we left I felt better though because I heard him telling one of his teachers he 
was a MX racer.  It didn't take him long to get in his element and start the stories.   We walked back home and all I knew to do was pray for him.  If I can't be with him, I need to know that Jesus is.  This parenting thing just doesn't seem to get any easier.

Its just Jaydon and I at home now and boy is it quite.  I'm glad for the break from Dylan, but today 3:20 can't come fast enough.   We'll keep you posted on the school happenings.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


The boys are glued to the television right now. The X-games MX is on so there are lots of ooohhhs and aaaahhhs coming from the couch. They are all so cute. Jaydon is holding tight to a toy motorcycle and enjoying the action as well.
I just wanted to catch everyone up on the week -

Wednesday, Garth participated in a Change of Command ceremony. It was really neat (and different) to experience. There was very much a Marine influence. It was rewarding however to watch my husband stand with pride in front of his company. So far he is enjoying the different elements of this duty station. As Garth would say, "OORAH!"

Dylan likes to inform me that his Dad is the BOSS of all those people.

The evenings cool off and it makes it really nice to be outside here. We usually play in the backyard or go for a walk. The boys have discovered a skateboard park near the house, so on some evenings Garth and Dylan will go "rip it up" and Jaydon and I will play at the park nearby. Dylan has so much fun skateboarding with his dad. He is getting alot better and much more confident. He has started "dropping in" and is very proud of himself. He wanted to make sure I saw his new skills before we left the park. Garth has a good time too. He likes to relive the good ol' days, but seems to take it a bit easier now. He understands the body doesn't heal as easily as is used too. He still enjoys riding with his boy.

Today we took Dylan to Starwest MX track in Perris. He got to ride on a 50's track and built up some lost confidence. He still isn't riding to his potential, but he had FUN today. We all did. It was great to see him enjoying riding his bike and increasing confidence. There was lots of clapping and thumbs up going on. Jaydon was a great cheerleader, yelling "GO, Dee,Dee!!!" and clapping as Dylan would ride by. He loves his big brother more and more all the time.

We came home and later for dinner Garth grilled some steaks. They were delicious as usual. Dylan even had steak for dinner. That is a rarity. Jaydon got in on the grilling action today. He is becoming Daddy's little helper. Watching him, I have flashbacks to Dylan always following Garth around and wanting to do what his dad was doing. Following the yummy dinner, we had homemade peanut butter ice cream. Very tasty.

Enjoy the pics. We wish you were here to share these times with us. Till next time......

P.S. My brother made it to Alaska with the Alive Campaign team. We are so proud of their accomplishment and can't wait to see him sometime so he can relive some of his journey. They have touched many lives and taught us all to live beyond ourselves. Dylan said it best the morning they arrived at their destination - "I love my Buddo." We all love you Buddo. Good Job!!