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Monday, March 3, 2008


"But blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in Him." Jeremiah 17:7

On a whim, Dylan raced in his second race yesterday. We had to return some items to the local moto store and a salesman told us about a local race being held. It didn't take Dylan long to let us know he wanted to race, but he was a bit torn about what bike to ride. A couple of weeks ago, we purchased Dylan a race motorcycle. He likes it, but is a bit leery of it because he can't touch his feet on the ground when he is on it. Long story short, Garth made an executive decision to let him ride the new bike.

We got to the track and all checked in for the race. Dylan has only been on this track a couple of times. The track was wet and kind of slick. On Dylan's practice lap, he didn't even make it around once. He kept falling and just not sure of himself at all. (He had just rode the day before and was looking really good on the bike.) He came off the track crying and Garth was frustrated. So, the serious parenting began. We knew he just needed some confidence and he could ride that track. We told him to ride with the confidence he had the day before and he would do great. Garth took him to a little track and let him ride while the other races were going. The confidence was building.

His race time began and believe it or not, he did all three laps without falling. He was a totally different rider. He came in last out of four, but he finished the race. He was so proud of himself. On the second moto, he was in third place up until the very end and a little guy passed him. But once again, all the way around three times without one fall. He came off the track with a big smile and was greeted by a big bear hug from his dad. He just got a participation trophy and was quite disappointed in it. However, the day turned out to be a big confidence booster for Dylan.

Confidence appeared to be the word of the day, and as I was replaying the day in my mind I began to realize that I am not too much unlike Dylan. There are many times that I don't have the confidence to get through some of the things I face. However, as the verse above states, we are to have our confidence in Jesus - that will be enough to get us through. If the waves are crashing in too hard and high or the waters ahead look murky and muddy or the mountain just looks way too treacherous - we are called to trust in Him and find our confidence to come through in Christ.

Be encouraged!!

Many blessings!

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