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Monday, November 17, 2008

From the mouths of Babes.... OR 7 year olds!

I just wanted to post a couple of things today.

First I have a couple of Dylan stories.  The other day at school, his teacher approached me and said she had a story to tell me.  I braced myself and listened.  She said Dylan asked another 1st grade teacher if she knew that Obama was the new President.  She said, "Yes!  Are you just so excited that he is our new President?"  Without hesitation, Dylan responded with, "NO!!  I am a Republican!"  I have to tell you that is a pretty proud moment in a parent's life!  :)  He may not always be conservative, but at least he claims it now and is telling the masses.

Story #2:  Last night, Dylan was telling me about the songs he sang in worship at sunday school.  I told him that I recognized them and we sang those songs in church too.  He went on to share that he doesn't sit down during worship, but stands up and sings to Jesus as loud as he can.  I found that to be so sweet.  After baths, he and Garth broke out the guitar and had a worship session.  I actually caught a bit on tape.  It is so sweet to hear worship from your child's mouth.  I hope the video works and you can hear him sing too, it will do your heart good.

I just posted a picture of Jaydon with some ice cream.  Little kids and ice cream cones are so darn cute. 

Till next time - Blessings!

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Anonymous said...

Love, love the video please post more!!!