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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Dylan's 2nd Grade Field Trip

Dylan is now an Itasca Wampus Cat!!  I transferred into Itasca during the 2nd grade and now Dylan has followed suit.  The only difference is that I came in mid-October and he made the big move in April - all that is left to do is field trips, field day, and fun.

This year the 2nd graders headed to Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, TX.  If I never go back it will be too soon, but the kids sure seemed to enjoy it.

Digging for fossils with his buddy and bro

Eaten by a dino

One of Dylan's faves

Jaydon eaten by the dino

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I felt the same way after our first trip there. Im so glad you are closer to home. Love ya, JN