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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Blasts from the Past

I've got dinner started and Jaydon is still napping, so I thought I would take a moment on the computer.

Garth had a weekend of reunions.

Reunion #1

Once about 12 years ago there were two guys, Garth and Leon. They lived in Hawaii - Garth in the Coast Guard and Leon in the Marines. They met at church and were great friends while both stationed there. It is funny how things work, but now both families are stationed here at Camp Pendleton. The guys are no longer single. Leon is married with 4 children and of course, you know our family make-up. We spent the 4th here at the house with Leon and 3 of his kids. It was great to have a familiar face around.

Garth did the tradition grilling for the 4th. It was very tasty. I even made that dessert that looks like an American flag. It was fun to make and delicious. I would recommend it. So easy to make. We drove around to find some fireworks. People come out from everywhere around here for some fun. There were people all over. The fireworks were cool and Dylan even enjoyed them.

Reunion #2

This one goes way back to the high school days. Garth had friends of course that he was close to back in the "day". Well after about 15 years or so, we met Jared, his wife, and 14 month old son. What great people!! It was fun to watch Jared and Garth talk about old times, friends, and where life has led them now.

They live in San Diego, and treated us to a couple of hours at the beach. The boys had fun. Dylan loved the water. Suprisingly, Jaydon not so much. He much preferred playing the sand and making little places for puddles to form. After the beach, Jared led us on a quick driving tour of the city and then we headed for a great Mexican lunch. Back to the house and Jared became Dylan's new best friend. Those two skatedboared all over the place. Some pizza to end the day and back to Temecula we came.

Thanks to Jared and his family for hosting us for the day. We had a great time.

That is the weekend in a nutshell. Garth is back to work and I'm doing what I do best -- hang out with my boys. Tonight we are heading to the local duck pond. I can't wait to go feed the ducks "B". I just wish I had Old Blue to travel to the pond in.

Till next time...

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for only making me wait for 7 days. That is much better than 45 days. Dad told me the "Duck B" and "Old Blue" story tonight. Glad to hear the boys are adjusting so well. Sure miss you here. Tell all of the boys hi for me! - Blake