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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I haven't been keeping up with this very well, so I have to backtrack a bit.  

We had a great Memorial Day weekend.  Garth got off Friday afternoon and we enjoyed having him around until he went back to work on Wednesday.  Dylan did not have a football game on Saturday, so we went down to the Farmer's Market downtown instead.  I loaded up on a bunch of fresh fruits and veggies.  We tried out a hamburger joint in Old Town for lunch and really enjoyed our meal.  In the afternoon, we took the boys to see Monsters vs. Aliens.  The boys did great.  Jaydon can sit through anything while munching on a bucket of popcorn.  Garth and I even enjoyed the movie and really liked watching it in 3-D - very cool!!!  That was enough fun for the day, so back home for some cleaning and organizing.

Sunday we had the privilege of watching Dylan sing at church in the Children's Choir.  The kids did a great job singing for everyone.  We filmed it and will post it once we have a chance.  After church we went to lunch and then headed over to Pottery Barn and bought a rug for our living room.  It looks great.

Monday we spend most of the day at the park with some friends.  Garth and Dylan enjoyed a great game of soccer and Jaydon and I played on the playground.

Tuesday Dylan had school, so Garth headed down to Escondido to check out a bike store.  Most of our friends out here are avid mountain bikers, so Garth was getting the itch to ride with them.  He found himself a bike and some gear and even a carrier.  Dylan even got a new bike.  We wanted him to have it now, so he could take it on vacation this summer.

Those are the highlights of our holiday weekend.  We hope you enjoyed yours too!!!

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