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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Eleven days until Eleven years

Garth and I are 11 days away from celebrating our 11th anniversary.


heidi said...

OH, wow... your blog looks wonderful!!! Nice header picture and backgroud... I love it~

Congratulations on your 11 day countdown!!! (I love that, too:)

11 years is such a celebration... I love odd number celebrations, I think they are more exciting than the major ones, like 1st, 10th, etc.... it's the "in-between" times that show your commitment, love and choice to remain married!!! It's the "in-between" times that make your love so much stronger! And I know that this year ESPECIALLY will be very sweet for you both as you endure life changes that only God's strength can help you through.

Oh, I am so glad to know you both! P.S. I would LOVE to do lunch with you sometime!!! Let me know when you have time, ok?

Donielle said...

Time has really flown by!!! Congrats!!