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Monday, October 15, 2007

Fun-filled Weekend

Well, Garth and I are now officially parents of a six year old. Unbelievable!!! Dylan turned six this weekend, and we celebrated with a visit to the State Fair of Texas and another Pirate Party.

We left Thursday afternoon to head up north to visit my family. (For me, it was a much needed visit.) The Lord blessed us with a beautiful (a bit warm, but still beautiful) day, and we headed to the State Fair on Friday morning. Let me clarify because when I say we, I mean a whole crew. My grandparents, parents, Buddo, Nissy (Uncle Blake was working, yucky tax deadline), and our family. This isn't something we just decided to do, this has been an ongoing Lloyd tradition for years. So we did what any good fairgoers do. We rode "merry rides", ate all things fried, and watched the human cannonball and the parade. Dylan had a great time riding the rides, eating cotton candy, and seeing "Bumblebee", the Transformer. We had a great day with the family and hope to enjoy it again in the years to come.

Saturday we had everyone over to Granddad and Grammy's for a big 6th Birthday Party. Mom made the cutest cake (again). Dylan received lots of Hot Wheels stuff and a super Spider-man arm(thanks to Aunt Nissy). Thanks to everyone for making it a special day and weekend for us, but especially Dylan.

Now for the mom in me to come out -- I just want to say how wondefully blessed I feel to have been able to enjoy and watch Dylan grow these past six years. I never imagined we would have a son so handsome, full of life, kind hearted, and so very busy. We, of course, have had our trying times and I know more will come, but it is worth it. Dylan, we love you more than words can express and we know that we serve a God who loves you so much more than us. We pray that you will continue to grow up in His ways and continue to walk in the path He has planned for you. Daddy and I love you very much and look forward to year #6.

Many blessings!!

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