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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Here You Go........

I love my boys. I think God speaks to us where we are in life. So, maybe, because I am a mom of two young boys, it is a relavent way for me to be taught by Him.

Jaydon plays a game, and because I lack any sort of creativity, I call it "Here you go". The rules of the game are that he holds out an object towards me and says "here you go" and I take the object and say "thank you". Strangely, Jaydon can happily pass an object back and forth for quite a while. Usually I don't mind playing; however, today he picked the most inopportune time to play. We were trying to get ready to go to a friends house for a 1st birthday party. I thought that I would ignoranty try to put on a little makeup and fix the hair. Jaydon on the other hand had a magnificent idea to play "here you go" with the q-tips out of the bathroom cabinet. (I know, q-tips are probably not the best thing for a 14 month old to play with, but he was happy.) :) Being all the the while annoyed, I managed to do my best to get ready with one hand and play the game with the other hand.

Isn't it funny how God can use these little moments to teach great lessons. This is what God taught me through Jaydon today.........

God wants to play the "here you go" game. Think about it!! We carry so much stuff around with us. We are constantly weighed down with the cares of this world. Yet we have a Father who wants us to be free and is patiently waiting for us to say "Here YOU Go". He will not be annoyed or say He doesn't have time to hear our stuggles or hold our burdens. He desperatley wants us to choose to play the game, so He can be the Father to us He desires to be. He wants us to pick up our struggles, heartaches, hurts, etc. and give them over to Him, so He can say "thank you my child" and allow us to rest knowing that He now has everything under control because we have relinquished control.

With that said, I pray I will learn to play "here you go" more often with God. I hope this little entry inspires you to play "here you go" with the Father too.

Many blessings!!

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Lanissa said...

I'm a visual learner...could you please post a picture of Jaydon demonstrating "here you go"? (or just any picture of him would be good).

Ya know what else you can learn from Jaydon about that game? It makes him very happy and he always has a huge smile when he's handing whatever he has to you. He doesn't hesitate...he just HAPPILY hands it over!