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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Huey Circle of Friends

We have been so blessed with our neighbors. We live on base, so we are surrounded by young military families. We moved in Jan 1, 2006. We had plenty nice neighbors, but no one that we just could hang out with. Well, about July 2006 the Albarado's moved in. They have a son named Hayden (Dylan's age), Ella is 3 now and Graham is 5 weeks younger than Jaydon. Garth and I hit it off with Ray and Tara and Dylan and Hayden are like brothers now. A few months later Angie and JD moved in. They have a 2 yr old daugher named Burke. She and Ella are (as they put it) BFF's (Best Friends Forever). Burke has taken to Dylan and calls him "Boyfriend". We thought that completed the circle, but thankfully our circle is growing because Angie is due any day with Baby Brennan. We have other families that we visit with and enjoy being around also. Recently another family (the Brotherton's) moved in and we are really enjoying getting to know them too.

We are outside together or at each other's houses all the time. When my sis came for a visit one weekend, she made mention and our bond and friendship reminded her of being in college. That is kind of what is it like except we are all now married with children. If any of the above mentioned ever get to read this, we want them to know that we will treasure this special time and their friendship always. You get so close so quickly because you share everything together. The bad times when - Ray was deployed for 6 months, I was in the hospital for a few days, Hayden broke his hand. The good times, Tara having Graham and me having Jaydon, Angie having a smooth pregnancy, the boys playing T-ball together. There are just too many to count. I think we will most remember just coming outside after work and school and just visiting and watching the kids play. What a special time!!!
Many Blessings!!

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