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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

True Joy

Let me give you a glimpse of an afternoon at our house. Keep reading because I want to share with you the new revelation I have been given.

Dylan has now started kindergarten and is adjusting well. I stay at home and enjoy my "just me n' Jaydon" time. It is relatively quiet around the house. We go for a walk in the morning or run some errands, go to Bible Study, or just hang out and try to clean up our never ending messes. He naps for a couple of hours, and I do the "can't possibly do that while Jaydon is up" stuff.

Now at about 3:00pm everything changes. Dylan comes through the door and we are off to the races. "Mom, I'm hungry." "Mom, I'm thirsty." "Mom, I need my Heely's on." So, we get a drink and a snack and on to homework. You read correctly, kidergarten homework. Well as I sit down to help Dylan, Jaydon begins to chime in. There is nothing pleasant about his chiming in either. He has this terrible high pitched squeally thing he does and it can drive a person crazy. So, I get Jaydon a snack and now back to Dylan. Today we practice writing 3's and 4's, learn three new site words (a, that, my), and read a story. Did you know it is hard work to write the number 3? My favorite is when he gets an entire row of 3's done and he messes up on one and instead of erasing the one he messed up on he erases ALL the 3's. Can you hear me growling?! In the meantime don't forget we still have Jaydon clamoring for my attention. After much too long on 3's it is off to the 4's and those are not any easier. On to sight words, oh joy. Dylan still may not know, but I can tell you that you spell that -- T-H-A-T!!! Now it is story time. Fun right? WRONG!! "How many more pages?" "Can I go out to play?" YES, finally. Both of you outside, now!!!

I have recently discovered I can still have true joy even after an afternoon like that. I have started a Bible study and am really learning so much. This is just a nugget I would like to share. No matter the crazy circumstances you go through, you too can still have joy. Are you ready for this, our TRUE joy comes from Jesus Christ. You will not receive it from your spouse, kids, job, hobby, etc. All these people and things bring us happiness, but they will let us down at some point. Only through our salvation in Jesus can we have true Joy. This has just been a real revelation to me this week. I have placed my joy in Garth, and the boys, my health, so many things other than Him. Don't get me wrong, all three of my boys bring me great joy and happiness, but it is so wonderful to know that I can leap with joy JUST because Jesus called me to be His. He has done the same for you too.

I just thought I would share. I am so enjoying having my eyes opened more and more to God's greatness.

Many blessings!!


Jessica said...

Thanks Lynita,
I needed that kind of encouragment.

Lanissa said...
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Lanissa said...

He still squeals?!?! SCORE!! I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!