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Friday, April 3, 2009

At WAR...

With food, that is.  About six weeks ago I decided I needed to change my diet.  As you know I have battled RA for almost 10 years.  I can't believe I was blessed with a new shoulder 7 years ago.  Where does the time go?  I look back and it seems as though my life is one big blur. 

 Anyways, I'm getting off track.  I am taking baby steps to living a healthier lifestyle.  I have read and done lots of research that suggests that a change in diet can calm the inflammation and reduce damage.  I am taking lots of medication and always looking for a way to control this nemesis in a more natural way. I am praying about it and asking for direction to make good, healthy choices for my family and myself
.  I am trying to avoid white flour, sugar, and any processed foods.  We are not perfect, but I am doing what I can as I learn more info.  I make what I can.  For instance, I now make my own bread, salad dressings, salsa, and peanut butter.  I also try to buy organic produce when I can.  I limit the things in cans or boxes to necessities.  I also look for alternatives to refined sugar.  Garth also bought me a Vita-mix.  That is a whole new world.  I drink a "green smoothie" for breakfast.  (More on that in later posts).  I am not trying to lose weight, but I have lost about 10 lbs.  

I thought this change would be hard, but it is actually fun.  I love cooking with all the fresh veggies and the smell of fresh baked bread in my house.  I have learned a lot from other's websites who have also gone to a more natural lifestyle.  It really is just a return to a couple of generations back.  Plant your garden and then cook what you grow or raise.  Well, I'm not raising anything nor do I have a garden, but I am trying to make sure the things we do eat are nourishing to our body.  

I have said all that to say that I will try to post things that I find of interest to me.  My bro-in-law requested some recipes, so I will post the ones Garth and I enjoy.  This is just info.  You can take it or leave it, but it is always food for thought.  For instance, get you some flax seeds DAD!!  Those are easy to incorporate into your diet.

I'm looking forward to sharing my adventures to a new and healthier ME!!!

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Sara said...

I have also heard some of the same things. I can't wait to read about your new recipes and other fun things to be more healthy. We all so need to.