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Thursday, August 28, 2008

I was on my walk to pick up Dylan from school and for some odd reason I began thinking about the pine cones I was passing.  You see part of the landscaping around where we live is lined with some sort of pine tree.  I've seen lots of pine cones in my life time, but today I became curious of how a pine cone was formed.  I pondered on that for a few moments and then my thought process moved me to another thought.  I began looking at the tall, green trees and brightly colored flowers.  This took me to how trees, plants, flowers, etc. get their start.

As seeds.  They all start out as tiny, ugly seeds.  But with time, sunshine, water, and proper care they grow into creations for us to enjoy.  (I know you know where this is going, but let me speak my peace so I can retire to the bed.)  As for us (humans), we don't normally think of growing leading to beauty, we just think of wrinkles, more love handles, and less hair.    However, in our spiritual walk, we could say that we start out as seeds.  We recognize we need Christ as our Saviour and become that seed ready to be nurtured and grow.  Most things in nature become more attractive as they grow.  I think this is how God looks at us.  He loves us and enjoys us, however, I believe He does more so when we grow and mature in Him.  We become a beautiful, landscaped walkway with colorful aromatic flowers for Him to walk along and enjoy for His pleasure.    In the Bible He calls us His bride for goodness sakes.  There is not a more beautiful picture than a bride on her wedding day.  So without getting too deep, I'll leave it at that.  I believe I have been called to grow.  He has called all His children to grow in Him.  So, I will resign to allow my Gardener to pick and snip (with as much joy as I can possibly muster up) and I will GROW along the way.  I can't wait for Jesus to walk along and take a sniff and pick me from His garden because I bring Him pure pleasure.  I hope you will prayerfully do the same and He can arrange us in a beautiful boquet for His enjoyment.  

By the way, I also found out how pine cones grow.  If you don't know, give it a read.  Just another indication of just how great God is!!!

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