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Saturday, August 2, 2008


The boys are glued to the television right now. The X-games MX is on so there are lots of ooohhhs and aaaahhhs coming from the couch. They are all so cute. Jaydon is holding tight to a toy motorcycle and enjoying the action as well.
I just wanted to catch everyone up on the week -

Wednesday, Garth participated in a Change of Command ceremony. It was really neat (and different) to experience. There was very much a Marine influence. It was rewarding however to watch my husband stand with pride in front of his company. So far he is enjoying the different elements of this duty station. As Garth would say, "OORAH!"

Dylan likes to inform me that his Dad is the BOSS of all those people.

The evenings cool off and it makes it really nice to be outside here. We usually play in the backyard or go for a walk. The boys have discovered a skateboard park near the house, so on some evenings Garth and Dylan will go "rip it up" and Jaydon and I will play at the park nearby. Dylan has so much fun skateboarding with his dad. He is getting alot better and much more confident. He has started "dropping in" and is very proud of himself. He wanted to make sure I saw his new skills before we left the park. Garth has a good time too. He likes to relive the good ol' days, but seems to take it a bit easier now. He understands the body doesn't heal as easily as is used too. He still enjoys riding with his boy.

Today we took Dylan to Starwest MX track in Perris. He got to ride on a 50's track and built up some lost confidence. He still isn't riding to his potential, but he had FUN today. We all did. It was great to see him enjoying riding his bike and increasing confidence. There was lots of clapping and thumbs up going on. Jaydon was a great cheerleader, yelling "GO, Dee,Dee!!!" and clapping as Dylan would ride by. He loves his big brother more and more all the time.

We came home and later for dinner Garth grilled some steaks. They were delicious as usual. Dylan even had steak for dinner. That is a rarity. Jaydon got in on the grilling action today. He is becoming Daddy's little helper. Watching him, I have flashbacks to Dylan always following Garth around and wanting to do what his dad was doing. Following the yummy dinner, we had homemade peanut butter ice cream. Very tasty.

Enjoy the pics. We wish you were here to share these times with us. Till next time......

P.S. My brother made it to Alaska with the Alive Campaign team. We are so proud of their accomplishment and can't wait to see him sometime so he can relive some of his journey. They have touched many lives and taught us all to live beyond ourselves. Dylan said it best the morning they arrived at their destination - "I love my Buddo." We all love you Buddo. Good Job!!

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