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Sunday, August 24, 2008

First tooth

Dylan experienced a major milestone in his life today.  He lost his first tooth.  He realized he had a loose tooth about three weeks ago, and he has been so excited about the thought of finally losing it.  After much wiggling and agonizing over whether it would hurt or not, he let Garth pull it today after church.  How fitting to lose your first tooth at church.  He was so proud and went around showing anyone who was brave enough to look at a hole in his mouth.  He now h
as a gigantic tooth coming up in its place and it is nudging out another tooth.  I'm sure he will have another fall out soon.

Our cute little boy is now entering that "not so cute" stage of life.  I can say that because I'm his mom.  He has HUGE teeth trying to come up in a little mouth.  The orthodontics industry will love us I know.   Oh, well.  It happens to the best of us.  Garth and I both had braces, so it is not surprising that Dylan will have to have them too.

I'm also including a few pictures of our house.  A few of you have requested that we share.

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