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Friday, August 14, 2009

And He's Three!!!

We have a three year old in the house!!

I can't believe three years have passed so quickly.  We are so blessed to have Jaydon in our lives.  He is a live wire.  He has many expressions - both good and bad.  He loves to drag out all the books and look through them.  He enjoys pulling all the puzzles out and putting them back together.  Superheroes anyone??  He is all things superhero.  He loves his Superman pjs and you can usually find him acting like Spiderman or Batman.  He is also a huge Star Wars fan.  He has watched all six movies - ALL six, many times.  He can tell you who the characters are and oftentimes gives you a weapon of some sort and challenges you to a duel.  He likes to roughhouse with Dylan and already knows what buttons to push to get him going.  That said, he misses his brother when he is at school and is Dylan's best supporter in all his activities - GO DYLAN!!  Jaydon is currently taking swim lessons once a week and throughly enjoys them.  We just started "potty training" - oh, the joy.  My favorite time of the day with him is at night before he goes to bed and we are having some down time.  I love holding his little body in my lap while he rubs his lips with his ratty, blue blanket.

We love this little boy and look forward to watching him grow.  We love you Jaydon!!!

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Marquita said...

We Love him too, We thank the Lord and both you and Garth for bringing this little bundle of energy into our family. He brings great joy to our hearts, but he is growing up too fast.