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Monday, August 17, 2009

First day of 2nd Grade

Dylan has started on a new adventure.  He began 2nd grade today.  He has been so excited this past week to get started mainly so he could wear his new clothes and really cool shoes.  

Sunday we attended a Back to School BBQ at the park with some friends.  It was such a neat time.  I think there were about 21 kids from 8 families.  Each child stated who their teacher is and what grade they are going into.  Then we prayed over our kids and their teachers.  What a neat way to kick things off, huh??? 

This morning I could tell Dylan was talking himself into the fun of going back.  He wasn't hungry for breakfast and his poor little nerves were really showing.  We headed for school and got to walk with a few of his friends.  We went by to wish his 1st grade teachers a great year and then found his class.  His teacher is Mr. Stansbury.  He is really excited to have a male teacher.  He found his seat and introduced himself.  I gave him a kiss goodbye and that was it.  I think he was holding it together pretty good.  Sadly none of his little buddies from 1st grade are in is class, but he does know about 4 kids already. 

 I have enjoyed my time without him today, but I am also ready for 3:20 to roll around so I can go get my boy.  I'm ready to hear about his day and make sure everything went well.  I'll keep you posted on his progress.  Hopefully this year's adjustment we be much smoother than last.

How about those shoes????  AND NERVES???

His first day went great.  No tears - YES!!!  He really enjoyed his teacher and being able to see all his little buddies.  He actually couldn't hardly wait to get back to school today.  He has also already started the after school activity of having friends over or going over to friend's houses.  Friend here yesterday, he goes to a friend's house today, and we already have plans for after school tomorrow.  He is back in his element.  Thanks for all your prayers.  The Lord heard and is faithful.

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Tara said...

I love that he has a male elementary teacher. That is so rare. I loved Mr. Andrews at Seashore. I'm glad Dylan is doing well. Miss you guys and wish we could have started 2nd grade together.