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Friday, August 14, 2009

Challenge #1

I'm going to start this challenge: 

We will begin on August 17 and end on September 17. Here is what you are committing to:

  • Drink at least 16 oz. of green smoothie per day (a quart would be even better!)
  • Do some sort of activity every day. This could be an intense workout, or just dancing with your kids around the living room. It could be a 15 minute yoga session or a walk around the block.
  • Add a green leafy salad to your lunch or supper (with light dressing…stay away from the creamier sauces).
  • Stop drinking pop.
  • Cut out all white sugar.
I follow this blog called Happy Foody and this is something she is challenging people with.  I already drink a green smoothie almost everyday and I don't drink soda.  I am going to concentrate on adding a salad once a day and avoiding white sugar.  It's only for one month.  Anyways, I'm on board!!  So, if you care to join me let me know.

We can do it.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man! I need to join you on this adventure!!! It would be so hard but so worth it!! Let me think about it! That would mean no cake for my childs 3rd hoo, but i dont really need it anyway....pray for me...i really need to do this with you.JN