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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Challenge #1 - Day 1

Yesterday was the first day of the "30 days of Green Smoothie" Challenge.  It is always a good feeling to get one day checked off.  I attained all the goals on Day 1 for the challenge.  

I walked Dylan to/from school and came home in the morning and made a green smoothie made of spinach, coconut oil, grapes and frozen pineapple.  I had a salad for lunch and spaghetti and salad for dinner.  I made Garth a smoothie after dinner and enjoyed his leftovers.

I didn't have any sodas or sugar.  

I find my hardest challenge so far is substituting green tea for a mocha.  I am addicted to caffe mochas.  I either get one at Starbucks or am spoiled and make one here at home with my espresso machine.  I miss it a lot.  Hopefully it will get easier as the days go on.

I hope you at least gave it a shot.  There are a lot of great resources out there to help.  Check out Happy Foody and read a few posts.  She gives info on recipes, books that are helpful and just tricks to help your body make the transition to healthier eating.  You can do it!!!


Anonymous said...

Day 1 was a fun day for me. I felt like I was turning over a new leaf and it felt good. I did have a after dinner craving for "C" I cant even say it because the thought still lingers with me but lets just say it is sweet and dark!!! Thank you for being such a go getter. I am excited to be doing this with you.JN

Anonymous said...

By the way my menu on day one was...Green Smoothie, Taco Salad for lunch and Salad with Chicken for dinner.

Chellie said...

Ok girl...I'm going to try this green smoothie thing. With my Crohn's I can't eat a lot of fruit or raw veggies, so I am hoping that by blending it all the system will digest it easier. I'll see how the first week goes, and if the body responds favorably then I'll carry on. I didn't have a soda today...woohoo! I'll try and make that commitment as well. White sugar...well I'll take that day by day. :)

aldrich4one said...

Way to go JN. I am so glad you decided to jump on board. I have really enjoyed my first couple of days too. I have a hard time fixing my "snack" craving. Fruit and veggies only carry me so far. :) Keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing your meals. It helps to know what others are eating for ideas.

Chellie - Hey girl. I miss you and it makes me sad to think little Lyla is going to be soooo big before I ever get to see her. Anyways, welcome to the challenge. Watch yourself though. I would never want you to do something to make things worst. I do know of people who steam up a bunch of spinach or kale and then freeze it to use in smoothies. It is an extra step, but it might help in your case. I'm so glad you are giving it a try though. The sugar thing is hard. Try using raw sugar at first and see if you like sucant. I use maple syrup in my coffee. You just need to do what works for you. Any changes big or small are great. Please give you family my love. Lynita

Chellie said...

So far so good! I was amazed that I made it from 7AM to Noon without needing a snack. My system seems to be tolerating the green smoothie. I'm hopelessly optimistic that I can do this for breakfast and get my serving of fruit and veggies at the same time! I really miss eating fruit and certain veggies.

The next time you are down visiting you parents, I'll try and make it a point to come and see you so you can meet Lyla.